Thursday, December 24, 2015

The New Normal

Daddio always helped me out on holiday baking day.

Instead of Daddio I had to rely on my new toy-and The Mister. It wasn't the same but it's the way it is. Life goes on.

The Mister took over Daddio's job of putting the jam in the thumbprints. I confess to having a lump in my throat but I didn't cry. I'm over crying for things lost. I'm not lost yet so I better make merry while I can.

While we were baking the day away, a plum pudding was steaming on a back burner.

For something new, I made some mincemeat crumble bars. They are good. Very good. The recipe came on the jar. I need to write it down because it's a keeper.

Daughter asked for iced nutmeg logs. We made them.

Watching The Mister fight with the cookie press was too funny. We got a small batch before he gave up in disgust. Tee, hee...

I iced some vegan gingerbread men for Son who flew in last night.

The Mister's favorites are the Hello Dollies that my grandmother always made. They are good.

Ta da... the plum pudding is done and now wrapped in brandy waiting for it's big show on Christmas night. Lord, don't let me burn down the house with it. Amen.


  1. The only Christmas you can do anything about is this one; rally on.
    I'm with your husband on the cookie press. I had such high hopes using it and ended up throwing it into the front yard never to enter my house again!!!! lol Looks like you have lots of other good treats to hold you over!

  2. This looks like a lovely Christmas bunch of treats! And yes, you need to make merry when you can, always remembering and loving the others that can't be there to do what they used to do. The fact is that they would be sad to think that you stopped celebrating, so make it worthy! Happy Christmas to you and all of your family.

  3. many goodies.

    Hope you have a very Merry Christmas.

  4. Our parents' demise and current existing are tough! Hugs to you. We saw my mom last night. She sang with me! I have fights with my cookie press too......I just eat other's pressed cookies now.

  5. The new normal. I love it! I wish more people could embrace it! Most of our family drama is from people who refuse to let go of the past and realize things aren't the same as they were 25 years ago! (Heck in a lot of ways they aren't the same as they were a year ago). New people come into your life as others leave it. While Daddio isn't able to bake with you, you can build new traditions with your grandchildren. And that in itself is beautiful.

    Wishing you a wonderful, merry-filled, non-firefighting-inducing Christmas!

  6. Love your cute little gingerbread boys! How about posting the recipe for mincemeat crumble? I'd love to compare it with my recipe for mm bars.