Friday, December 11, 2015


 Since my house is still a soap/scenery factory there is not much holiday stuff going on. I refuse to put up a tree or a knick knack until the factory is closed. I have dug out my Christmas tea cup because I have been downing cup after cup during my late night work sessions.

I must have missed the holiday teas this year because I have had to make do with this ancient gingerbread tea that I'm not all that fond of. The box is better than the tea and that's probably why I haven't seen it in the stores this year.

I did find this absolutely amazing peppermint chocolate coffee at HomeGoods. I am not a fan of flavored coffee but this one really is good.

I mix it half and half with Starbucks Decaf Holiday blend so The Mister and I don't get the jitters. We are both very sensitive to caffeine it seems and you don't want to see both of us going full tilt at the same time. It's not pretty.
 Now I am on the hunt for a Christmas coffee cup because as crazy as it sounds, I can't drink my coffee out of my tea cup. I had a nice one in my hand last week at HomeGoods when I picked up the coffee but I didn't buy it. I went back today to look for it but it was gone. Of course.


  1. Sounds like you are making little concessions to the holidays in spite of your over-drive scheduling! It's a very pretty cup!

  2. No tree here yet either. Maybe tomorrow.Maybe . Im very content to light candles and enjoy others trees right now. I know i"ll want to put it up this weekend.
    I love a pretty Holiday coffee mug!

  3. I agree, tea cups don't work for coffee! You sure do keep busy!

  4. What a sweet little cup!

    I made your hot toddy recipe the other night... zonked me right out!