Saturday, December 12, 2015

Ice is Nice

 The rink was empty on Thursday. I had the ice all to myself for a long while.

Before I laced up my skates though I had a mission. I had to buy new tights. If I'm buying tights something is up. I never buy tights. I've been skating in the same black yoga pants for fifteen years. It's a good thing they stretch because I sure have.

Gracious me. I had to put on a real skating skirt (borrowed) for the first time in my life to practice because the ladies I skate with voted to wear skirts for our number in this year's holiday show. Think Trans Siberian Orchestra. You know the one. Dum da da da....

There are six of us in all but only three could show up for the afternoon ice time. It was loads of fun. As for the program, it's a hot mess but we keep telling ourselves we can skate better than at least 90% of the audience. The show is today at 3. Let's hope I live to tell the tale.


  1. Way to go! I 've never tried ice skating, I wish I could be there to cheer you ladies on! Have fun!

  2. How exciting! You will astound them all with your brilliance!

  3. I admire anyone older than 25 who skates. You have more coordination and balance than I do! I hope your show is a success!

  4. Oh my gosh .....I am SO jealous! I haven't ice skated in a real rink in YEARS! I did skate at a pop-up rink last year, but can't even do that right now.

    Hope your show went well, but even more than that ..... I hope you had a terrific time!!!

  5. I cannot WAit to hear all about it. GOOD FOR YOU

  6. Hope you have some photos! Awesome that you can still skate. It's been years since I was on ice like that.