Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Up on the Rooftop

 It's that time of year. It's the time when perfectly sane people risk life and limb for a little light.

 Before we get out the ladder, I have to have the little string that hangs down right in front of my kitchen window draped just so. They make me happy when I am spending hours in front of the sink with piles of baking dishes to wash.

 Now it starts getting scary.

 And even scarier.

Pup wasn't happy. She couldn't understand why she couldn't get up there so she barked herself silly.

While being ladder assistant I found a fresh blooming camellia next to the house. In December. What's up with that?


  1. There are some jobs in a marriage that are 'man' jobs and this is one of them!

  2. Santa looks rather precarious on your roof. Good thing he's used to that sort of thing! It is supposed to be 50 here tomorrow but I will believe it when I feel it . I suspect the winds will blow and the windchill will make it much colder!

  3. I'm a huge fan of the multicolored lights. I love that you have some hanging outside your dish-washing window. I need some xmas cheer by my sink, excellent idea (I don't have a window there). I think it's pretty cute how Your husband sported his Santa Hat to take care of this holiday task. Your pup indeed seems out of sorts and abandoned you cruel people. ;)

    I love camellias. We had one in the front yard as a kid. My mother would wash and then "paint" tempered chocolate on the leaves as a chocolate leaf mold. My Father has one in his backyard that makes these hybrid color ones. Pretty, but not as fabulous as the pink ones from my childhood.

  4. Our last two years have been so cold and snowy its making this one feel so weird by comparison. They are saying we probably won't have snow for Christmas, and maybe not even a decent dumping (enough that stays) until middle of January.

  5. Oh, please be careful up on that roof! Our good friend broke his hip just before Thankgsgiving, getting the Christmas lights out from the garage storage area. Love that camelia even if it's confused!

    1. I hold my breath every year he decides to do this.

  6. Ok,you have inspired me. Tomorrow I will decorate my bicycle wreath out front and THINK about the Christmas tree inside.

  7. I've heard that it has been strangely warm. Guess that is how that little camellia hung on.