Tuesday, December 15, 2015

It's a Wrap

 All the holiday soap is wrapped and the mess is finally put away.

Most of the year I can't give the stuff away and in the last few weeks I could barely come up with enough for everyone who asked.

 Everyone got a bit of what they asked for. It was a good thing I went on a soap making binge six weeks ago.

The big batch of glycerin soap for Meals on Wheels is getting delivered today. I had to put The Mister to work in order to get it done on time.

 The lotion bars are also all wrapped and gifted but I forgot to take a picture of them in their cute little tins that I lined with seasonal cupcake liners.

Someone asked for my recipe yesterday so here it is:

For each little cake I used 1 tablespoon of white beeswax pastilles, 1 tablespoon of either cocoa butter or shea butter and 1 tablespoon of a light soap oil. Sometimes I used sweet almond. Sometimes I used avocado. Sometimes it was safflower. Basically it is 1/3 beeswax, 1/3 hard butter and 1/3 light oil to get a hard and not too oily bar that stays white. I would also add a few drops of an essential oil for a very light fragrance. Lavender and Litsea Cubeba were my favorites. I used a small permanently designated jelly jar in a pan of boiling water to melt the mixture as the microwave didn't do the job. The beeswax takes a long time to melt. You've got to stir and stir to get a clear liquid to pour. I stirred it with a craft stick because it is very hard to clean off a spoon. That's also why I used a jelly jar for melting to avoid the cleanup-which is no fun at all. 


  1. What beauty and so practical which makes it perfect in my book! (Thanks for the recipe!)

  2. I LOVE the gingerbread men!!!!!!

    1. I was just going to post that, but you beat me to it. I agree, they're adorable!

  3. Those look so festive and so happy! The recipients are lucky. Good for you for getting them all finished.

  4. Your soaps look so professional! I love the big soap production photos! I'm so impressed at how pretty they are and how much you've done.

  5. The patterns on the white bars are so lovely. They are so delicate and sweet looking.

    I'm sure everyone will love them.

  6. Are you sure your house hasnt been doubling as Santa's warehouse?!?