Friday, December 18, 2015

Don't Quit Your Day Job

I had big plans for making my own cards this year. I bought tons of paper.

I bought the Cuttlebug and a zillion dollars worth of dies and embossing folders.

I added lots of new holiday stamps to my collection.

I found a giant mitten punch on ebay.

In spite of all my fabulous supplies, that's the best I could come up with this year. I just didn't have the time to sit and play long enough to figure out how to put it all together. There was just too much going on between the scenery construction, skating shows and mass soap production for me to wrap my brain around any creative card construction.

The cure for my dilemma is to get help from the experts. I joined the card of the month kit club at Simon Says stamp. Every month I'll get the materials and the video instructions on how to take all these toys and make something that looks better than what I managed to do in haste this year. After a year of learning paper crafting skills, I'll be ready for next Christmas-and maybe even Valentine's Day if I am really optimistic.

I also want to thank Daughter for this big birthday surprise. It's a $50 gift certificate to who know where and.......

....I got tired of being tempted by this gorgeous stuff that I've been seeing on everyone's blogs so I went and treated myself. It is winging it's way from Webs as we speak. It won't be socks (or even cast on) by this Christmas but it's a sure thing for next year.


  1. I love your card. I am sure you will make something beautiful with all that paper, as you always do!

  2. I really like your card! Paper crafting is so much fun though I prefer the 3D stuff moreso than doing cards and scrapbooking. Good for you for treating yourself to yarn that you love. :)

  3. Oh my gosh .....that Christmas card is DARLING! You did a great job.

  4. You are a crafting wizzard....I love the card you came up with! I'm amazed at all your creative adventures!

  5. I hardly sent any cards this year let alone made my own! It has been a busy Fall, hasn't it! You're gonna love this yarn! It is a big ball so you will have plenty to play with!

  6. Your mitten card is fabulous! I love your cure to card for next Christmas, and we get to follow another of your great craft adventures! Seriously, you were up to EVERYTHING the past few months. I mean the skate show, the soap, but see, that's been fun for us to follow as well. I'm sure you're bring your great talent to the paper craft world as well.

    As far as that heritage yarn ... MWAHAHAHAHA! Welcome to the Dark Side ... I'm right there with you, ha!

  7. Oh I love stamps. But your mitten card is AWESOME!!!! You do so very much......and you are a great crafter!

  8. Merry Christmas. Love the mitten card.
    You're the best.

  9. Yep, What doesn't get done this year can be saved till next...... Love those mittens!