Wednesday, December 9, 2015


 The reason I haven't got my holiday bake on yet is because I am still deep in the gingerbread stuff. We had our first practice with all the scenery on Sunday. Getting it there and back was no fun. That's a lot of scenery.

I had a bit of a disaster that morning when Hoover decided to take a pee pee on one of the costumes as it was waiting its turn to get packed. Lucky for me it was the kind of material that could stand a quick wash and dry. Damn cat.

 There were also a few glitches in the construction of the houses that made it take a long time to set up at the rink so I had to come home and rethink the frosting snow. I hated to do it but there was no choice but to sew it all down. That's 18 feet plus the roof. What a job.

It took me one movie per house and a half a loaf of my "healthy" fruitcake so it really wasn't such a terrible chore. Let me tell you about that fruitcake. One word. Yummo. Major yummo. The golden syrup and the rum/brandy mix makes a perfect glaze. It's not as sticky and sweet as the corn syrup, jelly and booze mix that I usually use. It's going to be hard to not eat this all gone before Christmas. Real hard.


  1. I love fruitcake! Yours looks REALLY good.

  2. The stress of seeing all his scenery leave was too much for him....
    The adjustment on the gingerbread house was hard but I am glad you found the right encouragement! You are tempting me to try some fruitcake!

  3. Damn... now I'm going to have to go buy another fruit cake

  4. Oh dear. Cat pee....the worst!

    Looks like you are as busy as Santa this year!

  5. You are full of sweet goodness -- ahh golden syrup. You have a lot on your hands, but I'm glad you're working stuff out to make your production go smoother.

  6. You are so funny about that cake! LOL

    Oh Hoover might be heading into kitty "timeout".

  7. I enjoy reading your Fruitcake Weather every year. This year looks the best yet!