Monday, December 21, 2015

The Annual Field Trip

 Daughter insists we trek out to Homestead Gardens every Christmas for a look at their holiday finery. Since it was our first chilly day in ages, I dressed for the occasion in my Lillehammer socks and sweater. I looked like a silly old elf but at my age I'm pretty sure dressing silly on holidays is a requirement.

 It was dusk when we arrived and the place was just lighting up.

 It was still light enough though for a quick visit to the critters.

 I was freezing to death but the goats were having a good old time trying to figure out how to get the pretzel I was eating.

 The giant greenhouses are filled with magic during the holidays.

 Life sized reindeer hang from the ceiling.

 That's a little caravan decorated for the season. I want one just like it.

 There was a tree that was hung with knit things.

 Daughter wanted me to bring this stuffed sheep home but as cute as he was, I have no room for anymore stuffed anythings.

 Daughter is a serious shopper. She had a cart filled in no time.

 We wandered from room to room picking up things from here and there.

 The newest section was filled with materials for making fairy gardens. There were tables and tables of the sweetest little plants in tiny pots. So cute.

 There were also as many shelves filled with doo dads to populate your fairy world. If I had anything close to a green thumb I would have bought some fixin's and made a go of it. They had people demonstrating how to put them together and it looked like fun but no......enough hobbies. I can't keep up now.

 The train was running at full speed. There was quite an audience of little people enjoying the show.

 There were poinsettias and Christmas cactus in every color. I was tempted but came to my senses. As I said before, green things never have a happy ending chez moi.

The illumination area was a sparkling wonderland. You don't want to see the pricetag on any of it. Ouch. It's pricey stuff.

 Before we left we enjoyed the fire for a bit but was windy and cold. I'm ready for spring. That long warm spell spoiled me for winter. Forget snow, give me some sun.

Finally....happy winter solstice! And a special happy birthday to #1 Grandson who is 3 today. It was just yesterday we were celebrating his first Christmas. Time sure flies!


  1. Looks like a great field trip! I would be tempted to do the fairy garden thing!

  2. Oh the days will slowly very slowly begin to have more sunlight. That whole shopping trip looks magical. love your outfit!

  3. The little ones don't stay so little for long. Happy birthday to #1 Grandson!

    That shop looks amazing! I would have filled a basket quite quickly too I am thinking.

  4. I could totally get into that whole fairy garden thing too. Love your socks and crocs!! They're not at all silly looking. ;-)

  5. We have a similar type store here called Terra Greenhouse. They don't have a faerie garden section though!!! I have to hunt like crazy to get stuff for mine.. I wonder if I can convince Mom we need to take a road trip... it's only about 10 hours!

  6. Those socks are awesome! I love the annual holiday finery trek! So many cool things, I'm sad you didn't get the stuffie lamb he was so cute, but I admire your strength and practicality. Looks like a super fun day!