Friday, June 2, 2023

Hello Kitty


Pup and I have been lucky so far. The weather has been nice enough to be able to hang out in the park while we wait for The Mister. It takes a big chunk out of my day. 

It hasn't been easy to convince Pup to let me sit and knit for a bit in the shade. She always wants to go sniff things. I've been bribing her. She's also discovered they give out dog bones at the visitor's center. 

For all that sitting and knitting last week my socks don't look much different. I only get a few rows on before we are on the move again. 

See that face? That means it's time to go.  We've sat long enough. I was trying to get a photo of the sides where any ladders might be forming. So far, so good. I keep checking. 

And....for those of you who were wondering what is going to become of Rainbow Kitty, the truth is that I have no idea. A pillow, maybe? All I know is no real kitty butt will ever be sitting on him, Whatever he becomes I plan on keeping him safe. I've been working on him so long that he's like an old friend. 


  1. What yarn is that for your socks? It's very pretty. The days here have been gorgeous...but the heat is moving in....

  2. It's not easy to keep kids or pups entertained for long by just sitting! lol The socks look pretty!

  3. Ahhh! Sitting on a bench, knitting while smelling the ocean breeze. Paradise. Although, like Pup, I don't think Zoey would be content just sitting still for very long. The socks look great and make me think of the southwest. I'm also relieved that Rainbow Kitty will be safe. We've watched him appear and he's and old friend to us too.
    I hope your Friday is a great one.

  4. Pup's face better get walking. She is READY!

  5. How can you resist that Pup face?? Love the socks, specially the cresting wave look.

  6. If I made a Rainbow Kitty, it would be displayed on a wall or shelf. It's too happy and cheerful not to have on display.