Saturday, September 24, 2011


I have a bad habit of staying up very late at night and surfing all the knitting blogs. From time to time I find some things that attach themselves to my brain and won't let go. This is the Beekeeper's Quilt and it seems EVERYONE that knits is making one right now. Of course I have to have one. That is not my quilt, it is the photo from the pattern. What really sealed the deal for me is that this is the same couch I have. It seems the Beekeeper and I have the same taste in Ikea furniture. It was a sign.

I also love everything about hexagons. I have three fabric hexagon quilts in progress right now so knitting them just makes complete sense. I have boxes of leftover sock yarn as well as tons of leftover quilt batting so I had no excuse not to get started.

The absolute best part is stuffing them. You knit this little pouch and then fill it before using a 3 needle bind off to close it. Brilliant. I honestly never expect to ever make enough for a quilt but it is a nice little mindless project for us delusional knitters who routinely ignore reality and just knit on.

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