Thursday, September 1, 2011

Bon Voyage

I am dropping Number Two Son off at the airport today which all but guarantees another boo hoo fest. He is going to London to meet friends and then taking off for a tour of Northern Europe for a month. I am going to miss him and all our daily cooking adventures. Our last dinner together was a vegan version of a full English breakfast.

He is the only person in the world that could convince me to eat something that looks like this. These are oyster mushrooms by the way and they are delicious in spite of their spooky look.

He makes a killer stir fry. I'll never look at tofu the same again.

He also gave me the courage to cook one of the small sugar pumpkins I had growing in the garden.

Who knew all you had to do was stick it on the oven?

Roasted pumpkin is really good.

The seeds were a disappointment though. They had a strange sweet flavor that was not at all like my Halloween pumpkin seeds.
When he gets back from his vacation he will be living in the area again, so I am hoping our cooking adventures can continue on a regular basis-after Daughter's wedding next month. I'm afraid to try on my Mother of the Bride dress. That size 8 was snug before his visit and right now I doubt I could even zip it up.

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