Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Small Reward

Something out of the ordinary happened the other day. I got a package in the mail that was not related to Daughter or Son's upcoming weddings. It was all for me and the way I figure it, I deserved it.

It was something I have not bought myself in ages.

It was yarn-Fluffy Cat to be exact. It is 70% Alpaca, 2o% Silk , 10% Cashmere and it is 100% beautiful. I wanted to pet it all day but I had to hide it away because my own fluffy cats are notorious yarn killers.

The one thing I love about independent artists is that they personalize their packages in such a fun way. Wandering Cat Yarns added a cute little charm on a thank you note. Love it!

Someday soon, this yarn will be these mitts-a pattern also from Wandering Cat Yarns. I am going to be rushing through all my UFO's so I can get to it asap.

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