Sunday, September 11, 2011

A Big Surprise

I've been knitting my fingers to the bone trying to get Daughter's wedding shawl done before her bridal shower. It was scheduled for August 27th but Irene did away with that. I would have never had this done by then so I appreciated the extra time. I know that Daughter is not the shawl type but I couldn't resist. She can pack it away until she's an old granny in a rocker or use it to wrap up a newborn for its trip home from the hospital.

Eunny Jang's Print O'the Wave shawl is gorgeous. It's one of those spectacular patterns that is easier to knit than it looks. My blocking left a lot to be desired though. It was too big to put anywhere flat due to the danger of kitty sabotage so it has a few bends where there shouldn't be bends. I'll block it again when I have more time and space but in the meantime I am hoping to get a few oohs and aahs at the unwrapping.