Friday, September 2, 2011

Talking With Mom

I have been knee deep in self pity for the past few days so I decided to give Mom a visit. Mom passed away almost 10 years ago now but there are places I can always find her.

Dad made all these paper pieced hexagons out of the material she had left in her sewing basket and when I work on sewing them together for him, I feel her presence all around. We have a good chat.

She would have loved to have seen Dad cutting and sewing. She would have thought it was hilarious. He has a regular sewing room now and spends lots of time putting fabrics and patterns together.

Mom never made a quilt but loved to sew for her three girls. I can see her now sitting at her ancient Singer sewing machine helping us fix a Home Ec assignment gone bad. Today she told me to quit moping over things that can't be fixed and get on with it. I have her quilt to finish and she is running out of patience. Me, too.


  1. And my tears came big time...

  2. too! All I have done is cry for a week now.

  3. awe love this .
    I use my mom's thimble when I sew up my knitting. brings her close to me every time.