Sunday, July 17, 2011

TdF: Sheep to Shawl

That Jacob fleece I bought at this year's MD S&W Fest was meant to be socks. I've been carding and spinning it like crazy all through this year's Tour.

It's too soft and squishy for feet (yay!) so it is becoming a simple garter stitch shawl instead. I never was a big fan of garter stitch. I think it looks a bit sloppy (or at least mine does). It works with my rather wonky, crazy colored handspun, though. I looked at pattern after pattern trying to decide what this yarn wanted to become. It was pretty clear that it wanted to be something simple and I'm glad. Very glad because I am tired. Very tired.


  1. like the scarf:-) the jacobs that I had ended up in the bin, bought it as a new spinner unaware of what to look for! after seeing this must find a decent one .

  2. Thanks!
    I have Jacob that went in the bin also so when I washed this one and discovered it was soft I was very happy indeed. I suppose every Jacob in not created equal.