Friday, July 15, 2011

TdF: Ewwwww.........

My first little Corridale skein is done. All 23 ounces of it. It is pretty. I love the way the dye worked on the singles and then how they plied together. I rewound one of the bobbins so that I could match the light to the dark and the dark to the light to equal it all out.

The feel of the yarn is another matter. It feels like barbed wire. No wonder poor kitty had so much trouble when it got into his lungs. This stuff is deadly. That is not a good thing when you have about 11 pounds of it left in the shed and a large bobbin of it still on the wheel. I should have known better. I have used Corridale before in a shawl and some hats and while they were not soft, they were wearable. This stuff feels like it is spun from fiberglass insulation. I can stand itchy socks in the winter so socks it will have to be. I wonder how many pairs I can get out of 12 pounds?

PS: Kitty is doing better. Me, not so much.

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