Monday, July 25, 2011

The End of the Tour

Every year I end the Tour by spinning and taking photos of my finished projects in front of the TV screen. I do realize I am the only person left in the US without a flat screen TV. My TV is a hand me down. I am a retired teacher. Poor comes with the job. It's in your contract. Really.

I take a bazillion photos trying to catch an iconic moment. I wanted those awful polka dot dresses but Versus wasn't helping me out with their coverage. Too much yapping with the winners during the award ceremonies this year.

My old camera did a much better job of it. Too bad I dropped it.

Whew..between washing, combing, spinning and then rushing to post about it for 23 days pretty much without a break, I am tired. Unfortunately there is nothing done in that pile of stuff. I have more washing, combing, and spinning to do but now I can coast a little.


  1. no flat screen, no problem, no tv in this house for 20+ years :-) looks like you had a good end to the tour.

  2. There is nothing to watch on TV anymore anyway so it's not worth spending the money. I would rather go out to the movies. The popcorn is better.