Friday, July 8, 2011

TdF: The Fly in the Ointment

There is the fly right there. Everything was going along just fine until I turned over my newly dyed little roll of singles and found......ugh, a splotchy mess. How did that happen?

It all started when I became bored silly with spinning all this white stuff I have been washing and carding for what seems like FOREVER. How many days has this Tour thing been going on for now? 100? It's starting to feel like it.

I needed something to renew my interest in all this madness so I remembered a post that I saw on this blog about how to dye singles right off the spindle. I was too chicken to just pull them off like she did, so I wound them onto a plastic covered tube.

It floated instead of sinking so soaking was tricky but not impossible. So far, so good.

I painted on colors with a brush. No problems here either. For once the colors did what I wanted for a change.

Then I gave it a steam bath for 30 minutes being careful to keep it out of the water.

I loved how it turned out until I turned it over and found...well, you know. I plan on repeating this again then plying the dyed singles together so maybe I can cut out the ugly parts. We'll see.

PS: Thank you Guzziesue for the inspiration. Your blog rocks!

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