Friday, July 22, 2011

TdF: Heat Stroke

It is miserably hot here. Heat index 117 hot. I have lots of warm wooly stuff to work on but no gumption to do it.

I have also been running up and down a ladder painting #1 Son and Fiancee's new house which is an hour drive away in Northern The Roads are Hell Virginia. Don't get me started about the mess they have made of the Virginia Beltway. The color on my fingers is the primer. The room I was working on today was Edgy Red. #1 Son wanted a bright red guest bathroom and that's just what he got. Now I want one too.

In spite of it all, I did manage to get another 2 sleins of Jacob plied and ready to go but I'm not knitting another stitch on that big wooly shawl until the temperature is below a 100. Well below.

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