Monday, July 11, 2011

TdF: No Excuses

This time last year I ran out of gas on this Tour de Fleece thing right about now. I was all cut up and itchy. I kept poking myself on all the sharp ouchie things. My fingers were a bloody mess. It was hot-105 degrees outside hot and I hate hot. I tried bringing the whole mess inside but it just didn't feel right. I used every excuse I could think of to just give up and I did.

This year I am determined to keep going. I moved the whole mess into the air conditioned house and even set it up on a pretty table right in front of the TV so I can watch the real Tour and work. I even have a box of bandaids in the toolbox and I use them before I get poked on all my sharp thingys. I am posting over on Ravelry almost every day in order to keep my morale up. I'm cruising into Paris this year and I'll have something on the needles to show for it. Je le jure ( I swear).

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