Monday, July 18, 2011

TdF: Say What?

I realized with horror today that there is only one week of the Tour left. So many plans. So little time.

I did get bobbins number 3 and 4 done of the Jacob. Don't be too impressed because I had partial bobbins left after the last plying so all I did was add onto them. I am out of yarn for the shawl so I really, really need to find the time to ply. I would love to be able to finish it by Sunday but Dad has physical therapy 3 times a week now, Daughter has a doctor's appointment she wants me to go to on Wednesday, Son is moving and needs help with painting the new place plus I am sure that there is lots of other crazy crap just waiting to happen. I am pretty sure these last few days are going to fly by without much to show for it. I am starting to feel like the last man in the peloton.

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