Friday, January 8, 2010

Top Down Raglan for the Little Big Brother

The little coffee drenched top down raglan is coming along nicely. I suspect it is going to be too big but I can't be sure until I get my hands on the little wild thing to try it on. I am knitting a size 4 for my 3 year old nephew but a gauge check is telling me that it is going to be on the large side while he is on the small side. He is currently squeezing himself into the same sweater I made for him in the 6 months size. Really.


  1. Thank goodness "a little big" is a) in fashion and b) easy to fix by rolling up the cuffs. I wouldn't want to knit any other way for anyone under the age of eight. Otherwise they might grow out of it before I had a chance to finish!

  2. I forget how fast they grow at that age. Must knit faster.