Friday, January 29, 2010

Tea for Two and More

No one can ever accuse me of being a yarn snob. I love cheap acrylics as much as fine Merino but, when it comes to tea only the best will do. It must be loose leaf and prepared with all the care that would rival any formal tea ceremony. It came to my attention however, in spite of all my reverence, I did not own two matching tea cups, or saucers for that matter. Over the holidays I went on several shopping missions to solve this problem but came home each time empty handed when the price tag for tea sets sent me into near cardiac arrest. While strolling through Marshall's last weekend with Daughter to pick up some odds and ends for her move from NYC to Northern Virginia, I spied this set of reasonably priced Martha Stewart teaware in the home section. Reasonably priced being 99 cents for a saucer and $1.99 for a cup or plate. I filled up a cart and for less than $30 I now have a service for 4 and some coffee mugs and serving plates as well.
If I clear out some of this monumental yarn mess from all over the house and locate my furniture I could actually invite someone over.


  1. Yay very pretty! Too bad Gavin and Gage aren't little girls we could have a tea party! Although Gavin did say he wanted to have a tea party.

  2. Very pretty. I tried to find a nice tea set too and never could find one I liked or could afford. Maybe Martha is the way to go. And in case you'd like to invite me for tea, I like mine with honey :)