Monday, January 25, 2010

Promises, Promises

Last May I told myself I was going to spin that Merino that I just lost and then found into something to wear to this year's Maryland Sheep and Wool Fest. In fact I began spinning it on the car ride home from last year's event and then pretty much forgot about it. In years past, the MD S &W has never been the kind of festival that brings out the wearing of handknits due to the hot weather here in May. You may see a pair of socks or two but ordinarily it is not the place to go to show off your skills. Until last year that is, when there was an EXPLOSION of lace shawls. They were everywhere and on everybody. I did wear one. One that I was not particularly proud of. I have the skills to make a show stopper and I thought I would have the time but here it is already January and all I have to show is this small bit of lace weight.

It took hours to ply the two small cones into a tiny bit of yarn that I hope will be enough to get something started. Something small. Very small.

I also promised myself I would learn to Navajo ply so I could do justice to the colors but there is no time for that now. My last samples looked more like dreadlocks than yarn. Next year. Cross my heart.


  1. So pretty!

    Navajo ply can be a pain. To make it easier, I like to take out the middle step and not chain as I'm spinning. Instead I make huge crochet chains in my single as I wind it off one TP tube and onto a plying-ball. Then I go back and add twist later. I find it kind of fun and relaxing to make 2-3 foot long crochet loops. (I make them that long to minimize the "knots" where they are chained, and because I typically spin very slow and long changes of color over time).

  2. Please, please, please post this with photos on your blog. I would love to see how this is done!