Monday, January 11, 2010

Rescue Me

In spite of little in the way of progress with the knitting stuff this week, I have managed to come up with an idea for a post. Here are some of my previously knitted things that are helping me cope with this unusually cold winter. First, my Phentex slippers are the most amazing things EVER. I run across the snow covered icy ground all day long chasing after two very bad little dogs. They are warm and waterproof because they are made out of a yarn that is normally used to make fishing lures. These are several years old and have no signs of wear and tear at all. I bought tons of this yarn to knit them with but have no reason to make more as I think these are pretty much indestructible.

Peeking from under the slippers are a scratchy pair of handspun socks that I gave up as hopeless over the summer, only to find that Columbia fleece makes pretty darn warm socks that lose their itch as soon as the thermometer drops below freezing. I am glad I still have a ton of that fleece in storage out in the shed. All my ugly sheep to sock experiments of the summer have been a real pleasure to slide into every ridiculously cold morning.

I sing the praises of Lopi all the time here, but really, any body part covered with it is going to stay warm and dry in spite of whatever Mother Nature throws at you. My mittens are the first things I pick up before heading out. I can survive without a hat or scarf but cold hands are unbearable. If you have never knit with Lopi, trust me, it's worth the itch. I sneeze and itch the whole time I am knitting with it but the minute snow hits the ground I am digging it out of the winter boxes as fast as I can.

Yes, that is my ginormous Knit Picks Palette Cardi over the mittens and laugh you may, but it is a terrific substitute for a bathrobe when the weather is below freezing and the heat pump has no idea what to do about it. Those often criticized bright colors are the perfect antidote for cabin fever-and by the sound of this post it seems like I have a pretty bad case.

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