Saturday, January 23, 2010


I dusted off an almost year-old spindling project last night and discovered the wool was MIA. While tearing up the house like a crazy person looking for it, I found this:

And this:

I certainly don't need to buy any more at this year's Sheep and Wool Fest in May but you can be pretty sure that I am going to.


  1. I'm working with a small group on Ravelry. We're trying to "Spin Your Stash".

    And yet I still seem to add to mine from time to time! My best help is that I'm trying to force myself to plan a goal for each fiber purchase. If I can't figure out what it's going to be, I'm not allowed to buy it anymore. Theoretically.

    Anyway, would you care to join in? ;)

  2. I need an intervention of some kind. I found myself trolling over on Etsy for more just the other night.

    As far as spinning my stash, I am not going to live long enough to make a dent in it. I am ashamed to say that the photos only actually show a small portion of what I actually own. It is really starting to get out of hand. And I am not even talking about all the raw fleeces...sigh.

    And for the Ravelry group, I am afraid to join any. I have met so many mean people over there that I recently quit all my groups, packed up my toys and went home. I still lurk though for inspiration, so thanks for the invite. I'll go check it out.

  3. Oh My. At least they all are really pretty balls of fiber.