Sunday, January 31, 2010

Finally Something New on the Needles

I am happy to be able to show off something new for a change instead of just complaining about the things I am already working on. Meet the Swallowtail. This is my second try at spindling from that large bag of Merino that I've been working on since last May.

My first try, seen at the bottom of the photo, produced yarn that was too thick for a small scarf/shawl. When the temperatures are up near 80 in May, you wouldn't want the heavier one hanging around your neck in a crowded barn packed full of frenzied fiber folk.

The only problem (and there is ALWAYS a problem) is that I only have about 150 yards of it spun and plyed so far and the pattern calls for almost 600 yards. Thanks to, er...grading day, I was able to spin another spindle full this week at school but at this rate it is going to take a long time to manage enough wool to do the job.

While I am on the subject of problems, I must also mention that I DO realize that Evelyn Clark's lovely Swallowtail pattern may not be the best choice for this wildly colored wool. I seem to have a distinct style collision going on with the fact that I love delicate lace patterns AND psychedelic wool. I can't even imagine spindling anything that was all one color. I would die of boredom before it was ever done. Looking on the bright side, you won't be losing me in a crowd.

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