Saturday, September 6, 2008

A Perfect Storm

As tropical storm Hanna raced up the coast and dropped buckets of rain on our little beach town by the Chesapeake Bay this morning, I looked out the window to see our brave little mail lady struggling down our long driveway with a very large box in her arms. I knew it could only be one thing since my back to school paycheck is so pitiful that I am back on a strict yarn diet. Over the summer, when I still had some fun money left after each payday, I pre-ordered the new Harmony straight needle sets in both the 10 and 14 inch sizes. Like everything else at Knit Picks the demand always exceeds their stock so I had a very long wait. I thought. They came on a perfect day and at a perfect time as I am struggling with the extremely boring task of knitting up a simple slip stitch belt for my big red cardigan. These gorgeous needles have a lovely slick feel to them and those fantastic long shiny tips and brilliant colors make even a dull project entertaining. Hanna can do what she wants now. I've got plenty to keep me busy indoors today!

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