Sunday, September 21, 2008

The First Cut

I did it. I sat down in the peace and quiet of a rare Saturday all to myself and took the scissors to my Palette Cardigan that has been many months in the making. Eunny's Steeking Chronicles kept me company as I crocheted up the edges and then carefully snipped away at the tiny threads that held my precious project together. Miraculously, the edging held and I was able to pick up the sleeve stitches without a problem except of course my all too familiar issue with counting. I needed 157 stitches so of course I ended up with 136. The only other concern I have at the moment is, now that I have the thing off the needles, I can actually see how big it is. It is HUGE. When I have it on I look like the "after" poster for a weight loss product. I got so carried away with the fun of working with all the pretty colors that I never even considered checking the gauge. Too late now.

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