Thursday, September 11, 2008

An Ugly Duckling

When you begin a project you usually have some idea as to what you are getting yourself into. Some projects are simple while others take on epic proportions. This was intended as a quick knit, something to practice making lace weight yarn for but it quickly got out of hand. I should have started with a simple scarf but instead decided to try my hand at spinning enough for a lace shawl. This Old Shale Shawl (aka Old Raggedy on Ravelry) and I have had quite a love/hate relationship. I loved spinning the yarn. I hated the pattern. The simplicity of the whole thing lulled me into a false sense of security which resulted in many stupid mistakes. And even worse, half way through, the colors started changing from subtle rainbow shades to neon brights although I swear I was spinning it from the same hunk of roving. Most upsetting. Then, tonight, as if by magic, that ugly duckling of a raggedy ass mess, turned into a lovely swan after being soaked and then blocked across my dining room table. Now that I can finally see her, the poor little thing is not so ugly after all.

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