Sunday, September 14, 2008

Boobies and Beer Fest

I knitted (ate) my way through the Maryland Renaissance Festival yesterday. Those poor socks that I planned to be my lunchtime knit were my companions whenever I found myself sitting. I turned the heel watching the jousting. I completed the gusset decreases watching a couple of nuns tell dirty jokes and made my way to the toe during beer breaks on this hot Saturday afternoon. Every year I always regret not making the effort to dress up. I don't have the boobies for a corset but this year I did bring that little Shale Shawl thinking that would make me look like a 15th century knitting granny but it was just too frickin' hot so the poor little thing stayed in the car. It was so warm that I was very close to dumping my felted wool bag in the nearest trash can rather than to continue having it itch and scratch my sweaty shoulder all day. It wasn't too hot however to cram my belly full of steaming hot goodies. Anything fried on a stick is my idea of a good time unless it's a frozen piece of cheesecake covered in dark chocolate on a stick. Now we are talking ecstasy.

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