Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Little Dumpling Becomes a Bag

One day I am complaining about getting this thing going and the next day it is done. Talk about instant gratification! I have been using my little faux go-knit bags to knit while I walk the dogs after work and tonight I am actually sorry to see it all over so soon. I am happy to report that my ratty old handspun is not looking so terrible. The colors are really nice and the lumps and the bumps will probably felt up decently leaving me with some cute little stripes. I hope. You never actually know just how handspun will felt up so I better not get too overly excited. The tricky part is still to come. I suppose I may be revealing too much to say that I have been known to felt up bags in the tub while I am enjoying a long, hot, bubble bath. Saturday night me and my little dumpling have a date. I'm bringing the wine.

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