Saturday, September 27, 2008

Too Cute

Here she is. My lumpy little dumpling bag. All ready to, stuffed with....uh... hmm. I have to admit that it is more fun to make a felted bag than it is to own one. I have several of the cute little things in all shapes and sizes but rarely use them. They are, after all, just a wad of fuzzy wool with a handle. Knitting in 3D is awfully clever but I have never been able to just throw my wallet in one and head out to the mall. They just are not real bags. Real bags have zippers and pockets and are made of stuff that can be thrown on the car floor even when it is raining. Felted bags are more like pets. Having said that, Knit Picks has a gorgeous new Fair Isle Sipalu bag that is just calling my name. I have been lurking in the Community Room reading all the posts from the bag's knit along group trying to talk myself out of spending the big bucks for the kit. At $35 this is no impulse buy. I don't even have a real bag that costs that much.

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