Saturday, August 30, 2008

Nothing to Brag About

My first week back to school with the kids was a major horror. Apparently the boss, spent her summer figuring out a way to reduce the teacher's lunch times down to only a very few minutes. As a result, I have nothing to show for my lunch time knitting after 5 whole days. Last year I managed to knit up an entire Pi Shawl during lunch so I am entirely pissed off. These ugly blue things in the photo are my first attempt at lace on the Magic Loop and they are being knit up in my morning 10 minutes of sit down time while I gulp some coffee and catch up on the traffic news before heading out the door at 7 am to fight the Beltway. I am using the Heartland Lace pattern from the Folk Shawls book and at the moment they look pretty bad. I am hoping this yarn blocks out well because if not I am not only wasting my time but some lovely vintage Schaffhauser Sock Wolle.

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