Saturday, August 9, 2008

Olympic Mitten Madness

What the hell was I thinking? These mittens have been a giant pain in the a**. I wanted a challenge and I got one. They have been ripped back, knit back, frogged and tinked. I did manage to learn how to put the stitches back onto these stiff a** circs using a doublepoint and by some miracle the count came out almost right. I have goofed the pattern, knitted them together and skipped rows. In my defense I am TIRED. I was up until 1 am watching the opening ceremony and then got up early to see if anything was happening this morning. I knitted on these things on and off all day while watching the events and my concentration is off. These are not mindless knitting. They are not complicated but managing all that yarn has been a nightmare. Only 2 more rings to go. The finish line is near. Good thing I went two at a time or I can assure you that there would have been no mate to the first one. The best part so far has been making all the little yarn ball bobbins. I love them.

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