Tuesday, August 12, 2008

It's Over

I frogged those awful mittens AGAIN. I could not bear another second of trying to figure out this tangled mess. I was only several rows from the edge but I knew it was time to stop. I would have struggled through to the bitter end if I would have gotten a decent pair of mittens out of all my trouble but the things were lumpy and hopelessly misshapen. My weave-as-you-go is not the right choice for an in-the-round project as things really need to be pulled up and tightened after all is said and done. I cast on another single mitten on my double points and had the entire thing done by the time our men's gymnastic team had won the bronze. My rings of glory have turned into a giant Olympic sized disappointment. I was not looking for a gold but it would have been nice to have made it to the finish line with something that was worth taking a picture of. The frog pile is way more interesting looking than the stupid looking new mitten. What a waste of perfectly good Lopi!

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