Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Two Heels

 Before all the buggy drama I had both socks in just about the same place.

 Of course, one is actually way out ahead. I'm still too itchy to play with wool but these will be a done deal as soon as I am able.

I've got plans for those needles when that last sock is done-and I'm sure the last mite has met its maker. It's going to be something simple. Very simple.


  1. WEll you are not alone Deborah. I had some flying things all over the porch last night. Fireman thinks they are night only bugs. Im going to test his theory in a few minutes.
    Socks will be just the ticket my friend. Love the fall colors in the opal skein

  2. I am with Delighted Hands. I gave a big sigh when I looked at that Opal. Bring on the socks!! It looks like great progress to me, bugs or no bugs!

  3. Great socks, love your patterns. The last yarn looks perfect for autumn.