Monday, September 7, 2015

Hard Labor

 Even though I own several mops, this is my favorite way of scrubbing my floor. The Mister has been away taking care of his mother for most of the holiday weekend so I've been home alone-hard at work.

 Spots or not, whenever I'm alone I take advantage of the time for a good house cleaning.

 I even cleaned behind the bird cage. That usually means company is coming but not this time. I did it just for me.

 The sinks got scrubbed and I didn't even put anything yucky in them first.

 The bric a brac and books got a good dusting. I've got way to many books for someone who owns a Kindle and an Audible subscription.

 Tons of laundry got done. The washer and dryer are in the man cave and The Mister hates to hear it run on his time so I made good use of his absence and washed everything I could think of-even all the curtains.

 My favorite cleaning tool is my lint roller. I'm always on the lookout for cooties of the mite, flea and tick variety at this time of year so I used up a whole roll on all the furniture. I even use them on the floor. I buy them by the carton at Ikea.

 Look at my pretty dust mop. It's actually clean. I washed and dried it and then used it to go after kitty fuzz and bird feathers. I hate kitty fuzz and bird feathers.

This is as close to outside as I got on this Labor Day weekend. It's usually filled with outside stuff and family fun. I'm still not completely sure what this rash is all about so I quarantined myself from babies and old folks and spent three days alone with my itch.

No complaints. It wasn't all work, I did manage to finish threading the new loom project.  It was actually a good time-minus the itching all night part.


  1. I love a good cleaning! Good for you. I didn't know you have a bird, too! What kind?
    Have fun with the weaving!

    1. I've got an African Gray that I hand fed as a hatchling about 30 years ago. She's a she. I know because she laid her first egg last year. It was very traumatic for both of us. Her name is Rosie and she talks all day using all of our voices. She rings like the phone, beeps like the microwave and any day now she will be able to activate the Echo by learning how to say "Alexa". That should be fun.

  2. I thought I was the only one who take advantage of DH's absences to clean. It's hard cleaning around a body. And you get the added benefit that it stays clean for a little bit. Enjoy!

  3. Benadryl benadryl benadryl..nap nap nap.
    After all the house is spotless

  4. You sure packed a lot into your weekend. Glad you took some time to enjoy the loom too.

  5. Perhaps you'd like to clean my house next?
    I hope the itching has subsides and you are able to relax after all that work!

  6. You got sooo much done! I'm really impressed and envious. Even one stack that I was so sure I'd get to, didn't get got if you know what I'm saying. I'm so sad about your itch, but your place looks great!