Saturday, September 19, 2015

Show Time

I no sooner get one mess cleaned up around here when another appears. Now the house is filled with boxes and bags full of costumes that we have bought and scenery making materials.

As always, I have to keep the theme of this year's production a secret but after seeing this guy you might be able to guess. He was $200 and he came all the way from China to star in the show. Cute, yes? I should also mention that we are doing TWO teams this year which means two completely different themes, which means two completely different sets of scenery with eight 6 x 6 foot backdrops all together and over 50 costumes-ALL of which we WILL be buying this year. All I have to do is put them all together. Golly.


  1. Don't fall off the move to buy this year-it will hectic enough without working like a dog anyway! lol
    Have fun working with/for your daughter though!

  2. I know who that is!! LOL. Have fun.

  3. What would they do without you? What is your title ma am

  4. had dinner with two pals last night ONE adored All the Light book and one did not. Interesting!

    1. For me it will depend on how it ends. I HATE sad endings and I'm thinking I just may be heading into one.

  5. Sounds like you have your work cut out for you!