Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Autumn Twill

 I finally got the warp tied on to my satisfaction so it was time to wind the bobbins. I'm still using The Mister's drill and it makes the job so much easier.

The sheds worked out without a hitch. That's what happens when you take your time and check and recheck yourself. Weaving is when you want everything to be slow and fiddly.

Then I had to translate the drafting pattern into something I could understand. I still really don't speak weaving.

When it was time to weave the first hem, I remembered that I wanted to use that threadlike yarn that I had used on my last towels. I only had a tiny bit of it left and had neglected to write down the name before I pitched the packing slip from the kit. I emailed Cotton Clouds and they sent me the info so I put in an order. I used my tiny bit for the first hem knowing that the new yarn will be here long before I need it for the other hem.

With every project there is always that "thing" that makes you crazy and with this one it is the unevenness of my beating. It is very noticeable in twill so I have been doing a lot of unweaving to fix boo boos. I'm not going to get too crazy because I know from experience that several good washings fixes most problems. My poor towels take quite a beating-especially on soap making day.


  1. I knew this one would be a beauty! You will have it done in no time but now you want it to go slowly to savor the weaving!

  2. Your towels are lovely. Someday I will get a 4-8 shaft loom cause I just love the weaving patterns. Just got to save more pennies!

  3. Great colors and a lovely pattern.

  4. This one is beautiful. I really want to weave... but all that prep is just too much for me!

  5. Pretty colours! Twill towels are on my wish list too.

  6. I love that washings perfect it!

  7. Holyhotpants, I'm away from the Blogosphere a few days and what haven't you done? I was enjoying the post and the weaving status and being pleasantly validated by this quote:
    "With every project there is always that "thing" that makes you crazy "
    Because ... um yeah, too right! But continued to find myself distracted by the clipped "translation weaving notes" on the post. This is exactly what I need for my odd knitting spots. Some kind of mini clipboard or easel or something. You're brilliant.