Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Surprise Package

Look what came to live at my house yesterday.

It seems Valerie from Wandering Cat Studio knows how to dye more than yarn. Yowza, that's nice. Could you ask for better colors to play with now that summer has just faded into fall? I think not.

It's a BFL and nylon blend which is making me twitch just from the thought of getting to pull it into little nests for spinning.
Thank you Valerie!!! I love it. It is totally destined for greatness as soon as I get a free wheel.


  1. It's so beautiful I would make room on a wheel!!!
    Enjoy this fiber-I made my little nests of my latest fiber which is BFL, too, and I need to make it into yarn!

  2. Weaving and spinning? Wow, you do it all!
    That is beautiful fleece. I'm looking forward to seeing the yarn it becomes.

  3. Gorgeous colors what a lovely from Valerie! With her talent I'm not surprised. Can't wait to see you work it up. But really?!? You are so busy! I know you enjoy these aspects of your life, I just hope you get a nap in every now and again ;)

  4. I see the fall colors. What a beautiful gift. You will have so much fun spinning it

  5. I'm glad it arrived safely. I should have sent it much sooner!