Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Knit Girl Knit

 Biscuit looks like this now. The lace is done but I have to do lots of ribbing.

 I am on the toe of my first Little Prince sock.

 Aubade is stuck in stockinette infinity with a 400 plus stitch count and 11 rows to go before the next lace section.

 Crepidula is getting her bottom edging of rainbow stripes put on. I'm pretty sure I am going to run out of the base yarn. I better start carding more Jacob now.

My White Pine sleeves are at the elbows. I keep thinking I'm getting close to being finished but there is a giant yoke in my future. Sigh.
I didn't even take a picture of Tracery because it doesn't look like anything has changed from the last time I posted about it. I swear I'm putting rows on but the knitting gremlins must be undoing them when I'm not looking. Damn gremlins.


  1. Ahhh, knitting! You have some beauties on the needles!
    I would pick one project and finish it and then work on the next; then it would feel like you are getting somewhere! lol
    (that's me-monogamous knitting almost always!!!!)

  2. All great projects, but I might just like the little prince socks the best....

  3. All of your knitting looks so good! You are such a horrible influence, I was just looking up Little Prince/Opal sock yarn. People LOVE Opal. and I found it on sale here:

    GROAN. I think i love your colorway the bestest. I want to knit this too!

    Oh the need to knit!

  4. So many pretty projects. I love the Little Prince socks and the Biscuit yarn colors. I have three projects getting attention now. There are so many others waiting to be finished but I just want to work on those three.