Sunday, September 20, 2015

Sunday Soap: Proceeding with Caution

I started making soap because I have sensitivities to so many things. One of the first soaps I made was an unscented Baby Bastille that was full of carrot puree and buttermilk. It was mostly olive oil and I wasn't a fan. It was gloppy. Now that it has cured for many months it is much less gloppy and very mild. With that dreadful rash that I've had I've only been using the mildest of the mild and I am so happy I didn't pitch it because it is wonderful. I need to make more.

 I also have some newly cured soaps that needed to be tested and wrapped for storage. That beach scented soap with kelp and sea clay that riced on me seems perfectly fine. No ph issues at all. It makes lovely, big bubbles.

My Halloween soap that smells like fresh picked pumpkins got a thorough testing and a big thumbs up from The Mister. He really liked it and even used it on his poison ivy covered legs with no issue.

I gave myself a good scrubbing with my newly cured sea salt bar. There was a lot of hype with this soap and I'm not sure if it lived up to it. It's okay if you want to scrub all your skin off. It's a bit too harsh for me. Ouch.

I love wrapping them and lining them up in the closet. It's like my handspun collection. They also may never get used but it's nice to know they are there.


  1. Nice reviews! You do a beautiful job of packaging them!

  2. Those are lovely. Do you sell them? They are packaged so beautifully that I am assuming you do! If not, you should.

    1. I don't sell them but I do gift them once I am sure they will do no harm.

  3. I used some of your wonderful exfoliating soap to scrub tonnes and tonnes of glitter off of me today!

  4. I never tire of your soap adventures. I like seeing the pictures and going ah yes, that one does look soapier/bubblier. hehe. I really hope you are planning on opening an etsy. The soaps themselves are wonderful and pretty and the packaging just makes me more fun. I love that charcoal soap btw!!