Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Mountain Mama Part 2

I had no sooner walked into the first exhibition hall at the SVFF when my attention was caught by two beefy dudes in lab coats hawking fiber. Look at that tag. They are fiber scientists. Look at that price. They practically give it away.

 They tried to explain that their prices on some items reflect the fact that they couldn't duplicate what they made because they were just goofing around to see what they could do. That's a page right out of my own playbook there.

Look at this. It looks to me like they know what they are doing. Sold and sold.

 Next I bought some very unusual fiber from a dude in a kilt with a baby strapped to his back. This is a blend of Shetland, Manx Loaghtan, Tussah Silk and flax in the House Finch colorway. That's a seriously bizarre fiber mix. It should be fun for next year's TdF.

 They also had lots of spinning cottons. I had to have some. Now I need something to spin it with. I'm pricing Tahkli's.

 I love Polwarth and silk and I loved this dark and dreamy colorway. This was a new to me shop so it too was sold. That is the Cat Wings colorway. I didn't ask why but I thought a lot about it on the drive home.

Last but not least is the sock yarn. I wanted something Halloweeny and this Rusty Nails colorway from Wild Hare was perfect.

But...the story is not done. There was another stop on the way home.

 I needed one of these.

 And some of these.

 I couldn't leave without a giant cauliflower. Mmmm....I'll be thinking about it until it's time to go back and get another one next year. It's being roasted tonight.

It was all too easy to blow through the fiber fund this weekend. I love this little festival!


  1. Great catches! Happy spinning!

  2. You have spent the fiber fund well-this is some seriously beautiful fiber! I like them all! (Though I will be curious how the House Finch spins because of the content!)
    There is an amazing video called Spinning Cotton by Stephanie Gustaud that made all the difference for me to spin cotton on my spinning wheel-it is an incredible spin when it clicks! (and much faster than a Tahkli spindle-but I will sell you mine for a deal if you still want one!!)

    1. I am going to buy a Tahkli just because so let me know the details!

  3. Wonderful purchases, all! Your colors are just perfect for September.

  4. Sounds like a fun fiber festival. Love your fiber purchases, beautiful autumn colors. Aren't farm markets great? We visited the orchard this weekend and picked up pumpkins, apples and cider donuts.

  5. Such great stuff! I found myself getting lost in some of your links! You have fully embraced the fall. I love it.

  6. I also wanted to mention, that is the most perfect cauliflower I've ever seen. I love cauliflower.