Thursday, September 3, 2015

Taking It Easy

 I was going through my basket of orphan batts quicker than I had planned.

 I wanted to spin a true three ply but I'm not going to have near enough batts to do that.

 I own more fiber than I probably should so it shouldn't be a problem to solve this dilemma.

 I bought the carder for my raw fleeces but it can be used on commercially processed fiber to blend it.

Wow....I could get used to this. No fuss, no mess.

I could do this all day.


  1. So go ahead and card and spin and card and spin...!
    You have created some beautiful batts.

  2. I LOVE my drum carder! I use mine to blend Cormo wool and alpaca wool together. You have a wonderful idea of blending the little bits together. Great!

  3. This yarn is going to be CRAZY!!! I love it!

  4. THey look like baby clouds. So soft. So sweet

  5. Love your blended colors. The fiber looks so soft and squishy. Enjoy your spinning.