Friday, September 11, 2015


Today I intended to write a post in celebration of my first Benedryl free day in weeks. Since Benedryl and alcohol don't mix, I wanted to gleefully show off the bottle of Pimms I just gifted myself. Then I realized that today is September 11th. It's not exactly a day for celebration. It's been how many years? 14. Wow. Mom was still alive in 2001.

I also wanted to show off my newly finished Undine twins....

....and my new to the needles Little Prince socks but now it seems silly. I'm never sure what to feel about anything today.


  1. Oh, such pretty socks! The new ones are delicious,too; I love the fair isle look yarn! I remember that it is the 11th but I just couldn't blog about it this year. It's still hard.

  2. Your Undines turned out great! Still working on mine... Is that new yarn Opal? I wish they still had their Fairies and Elves. I agree 9/11 is a hard, very sad memory!

  3. Your Undine's are beautiful! :-)

  4. Then I posted a photo of a firehouse with a flag raised on the extension ladder and felt better.