Friday, October 5, 2012

That Explains Everything

I am thrilled to say I finished the knitting back and forth section of the Lillehammer. As I have mentioned before, purling with two colors is my idea of a knitting nightmare. I hope not to have to do that again. Ever. Having said that, my back and forth colorwork looks nicer than my in-the-round colorwork. It's no secret why. It's because it is slow and exacting. However, if I have to choose between something looking good and something being fun to knit, I am going with the fun knit and I make no apologies.

Now that the body is done, I could try it on. I knew it was going to be too small. I was prepared to have to squeeze myself in it but at least now I know why. When I went to cast on the first sleeve, I had to go down a needle size for the ribbing-like usual.

When I went to get the smaller needle I realized I already had it. Apparently I never changed needles after the ribbing.

 I had knit the whole thing with my size 2 needle while my size 3 needle sat there looking right at me from the top of my knitting bag the whole time. This was not the first time I have done this but it is the first time I never realized I had done it for the entire body of the garment. I suppose it's just as well. Ripping that thing back would have been traumatic.

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  1. You're so brave to attempt such labor intensive projects! Lucky is the person that will get such a great sweater.