Saturday, October 20, 2012

Fractal, Smactal

I am in Rhinebeck today, so while I am away, I thought I would share my latest misadventure in spinning. The beautiful 4 ounce BFL/Silk braid I brought home from the Shenandoah Valley Fiber Festival last month was split in half ( I thought) and then the second half was split into fourths. This gives a striped effect in the finished yarn that you don't get when you just spin it willy-nilly like I usually do. The trick with fractal spinning is to be accurate in your division and-no surprise here- I was anything but.

After the division, I weighed the parts and found that I didn't have 2 ounces in each pile. To make it equal, I had to spin one of the four smaller pieces along with the larger section. That part is done and I am now working my way through the smaller sections on a second bobbin while trying to picture how this is going to turn out in terms of striping. I envision big chunks of color in 3/4's of the skein and smaller chunks in the remaining fourth. This may work for a triangular shawl where you have longer rows at the top and smaller as you go but when you actually knit a triangular shawl pattern, you start out with shorter rows and the rows get longer as you go although the shawl itself looks the other way around. Right? I am so confused...

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  1. you've got me confused too! Of course it doesn't always take much to confuse me! ;-/