Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Rainy Day Washing

It still looks like summer around here. The only real difference is that it is wet and gloomy.

This tiny space between the tops of the trees is all the sun we get and it's not much.

When I brought that fleece home from the SVFF to wash on Saturday, I wasn't thinking about not having any sun to dry it. I love washing fleece in the summer. In the fall, not so much. Nonetheless, I drug out the washing supplies and went to work.

I bagged up some to soak in soapy water and washed some locks one at a time.

I had separated some locks out the night before in the dark, holding a flashlight out on the deck. I have also forgotten it gets dark earlier than it used to. There were not many clearly defined locks and I doubt this was going to be worth my while but I wanted to see if this Corrie/Cormo/Border Leicester could be spun from the lock.

I used my teakettle to give them a good rinse but there was still a lot of discoloration remaining. I was tempted to get out the dye but I was losing interest in this rather quickly so I skipped it for now. My fleece washing mojo was just not working in the drizzle and gloom.

 After a ride in the salad spinner, the locks looked almost dry but I knew better. I could also tell that this fleece is going to be another disappointment. I'm not blaming the sheep, I should have known what I was getting. I own the Fleece and Fiber Sourcebook.

It's rough-more Border Leicester than Cormo. Not that I don't love me some wooly wool-it's just that I have an awful lot of it at the moment.

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