Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Have Socks Will Travel

When I first picked up the Socks that Rock yarn, I was not sure it would be something I would like. It was very different from everything else I had ever cast on 3 needles.

Now I know why people love it. It is sturdy stuff. Perfect for knitting in public. There is no fiddling with the stitches. They are always where they should be. I turned a heel in the doctor's office waiting for Daddio's checkup. There is no danger of splitting or losing stitches. That yarn knows what it's meant for.

I finished decreasing the gussets at the dump while The Mister was recycling the stuff he likes to pile up all over the place. Another plus is that this thing already looks like a sock instead of some shriveled up fuzzy whatsit that earns you curious looks. I'm fast becoming a fan.